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OK, I seriously have run out of constructive things to say now. There is a reason I normally update only once every few days, and can go weeks between updates, because I just don't have that much to say.

So, in an attempt to get actual blog content (Which this morning's post was not, I give here my thoughts on the four taror cards, each of the four eights.

The eight of cups is a card I know well, and a card that has many times represented me. It's the wanderer. Never staying, always passing, trying to move on and do new things, but never at any pace. I'd pass through, and see people, but then I'd pass away again out the other side. It's not a part of my life to which I'm proud, but it *is* a part of my life, and one I will likely have forever.

The eight of swords is restriction of movement. It represents standing and being what you are in the place you are already. It has some aspects of stability, and some of lack of change.

The eight of wands is movement. Taking something with a degree of pace. Not with any comment on whether this is good, but it's probably been fuelled by adrenaline. "Time flies" is often the eight of wands.

Then the eight of pentacles represents drudgery movement. If you've ever had a period where you're doing something because it needs to be done and time is just passing, that's what this eight is.

As someone who experiences all four eights on regular occasion and identifies them, I have a fair affinity with these cards, and a fair love for them. I also appreciate that my interpretation may differ from others.


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