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This post is spawned from an extremely long email I sent to the SWARM mailing list today.

I'm a gamer, I play games. I actually will play most types of games, if presented right. So, here I present a list of the sorts of games I've played since joining university:

Gaming me )

So, I think that classes me as a gamer? Yes? (Anyone who still disagrees should read a certain older entry of mine)
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I know, I know, I've been trying long and hard to keep MTG off my journal. For the most part I've succeeded (clocking up 4 updates since I changed journal names, one more contained no content), but I'm afraid I'm going to subject you to another around about now. This is a brain dump, for potential formats for games for SWARM for the new year:
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(This post is unfiltered so I can link non-LJers to it, sorry to everyone else who is normally filtered off my MTG updates)
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OK, so here starts NaBloPoMo. I apologise in advance if anyone finds daily updates from me a little heavy going. I'll try and mix my material.

Let me quickly state before anyone gets too excited, I'm going to ramble about the potential for online systems to be used in a dynamic LARP, in this case one that SWARM (the uni gaming group) is starting to run, to cover the lack of a proper DT (That's "downtime" for the uninitiated) system. This is not about Live Action Online Role-Play, which now I've written it seems like a perfectly good topic for discussion in itself.

OK, so SWARM is looking at and starting a new LARP. It's a combat heavy RP light system, but I think we'd all be reasonably happy if it had a half decent online system that could be used between sessions to keep up interest, and to add a little more depth to the world.

The original sketch idea Merlin presented me with was a gladiatorial arena, set in the Roman period (no pistols, phooey!). This was the extent of the sketch. Then [livejournal.com profile] flannelcat sent me a bit of a potential DT system, involving trader skills.

I've been looking at these ideas, and wondering what I could do to expend upon the pair into a viable system. I've come up with the following:

There are three types of character:
The trader: They are the masters in obtaining raw materials and goods.
The crafter: They turn raw goods into usable items.
The fighter: They have no skills except those that they apply themselves for in the fight.

Traders and crafters may also fight in the arena should they wish to.

So, the economy works such:
When someone fights, they win gold. This can be dependant on sponsers and other things.
Gold is traded outside the city for goods.
Goods are crafted into items and bonuses.
Items are then used in the arena.

Gold is also used for training in skills.

Traders are largely based on [livejournal.com profile] flannelcat email. They have skills relating to being able to get hold of goods and getting a good price for them. They may also apply their skills to making money on their own if they wish.

Crafters are my own creation. They have skills that say what they can turn into what, and for what price.

Fighters are those who don't do either of the above, just fight. They have skills which make their ability to fight in the arena better.

There will also be various skills which anyone can pick up, mostly fighting based.

The idea of splitting it like this, is that we shouldn't see too many pure fighters, for while they have the most powerful skills in the arena, they don't do other things. But we do see various traders and crafters who are also skilled fighters, who have come to the arena not only to fight, but to trade.

This would all be fine as a DT system, but I'm wondering if I can make it more than that. What if it could be played as a game either with or without the LARP? Obviously there would be advantages to LARPing with the system, but I'd like to get something that stands alone too, as well as offering those that can't come to a given session the chance to keep up with the action, if not keep up with the state of those actually fighting.

Right, more thoughts on this later/tomorrow.


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