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Wow, was it really 30 days ago I decided to start NaBloPoMo? Doesn't seem it.

And yet it does, in so many ways, I recall having to struggle to find something to say several times. I still have the latest Echoes to write, there are probably a few subjects I should have got done and haven't.

Yet, the largest thing I will take away from this was a point I made when I started, that I normally post once every 3 days because that's all I have to say. [livejournal.com profile] wotanut phrased this so well I'll quote her: "If I've learnt one thing its that quite frankly if forced to inflict myself on the interwebs everyday, I'm not that interesting." and I agree.

Congrats and thanks also go to both [livejournal.com profile] wotanut and [livejournal.com profile] boggyb for doing this, letting me watch, and providing the occasional inspiration. I'm assuming [livejournal.com profile] boggyb will post today and finish anyway. Even he couldn't come this far and fail on the last day.

So, what does this mean for the future? There will be more public entries at least. Not that I know anyone who is currently reading and doesn't have LJ, but that's a product of having a previously friends locked journal. There will be a return of the friends locked post, I've given it up for a month and miss it. I feel much more secure on at least some sort of lock. Oh, and there will be the return of less frequent posting.

Thank you all for reading, and thanks to those that provided inspiration along the way.
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What? I've not taken to posting next to nothing in the early hours of the morning in order to achieve NaBloPoMo, honest Guv!
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I'm afraid you'll have to suffice with a meme for today's update again. Well, that and this short update.

Tomorrow I plan to talk about Arena, the new LARP Merlin is running. I also owe everyone a new fic update at some point, so I might shuffle stuff around, but that covers two days of the next 4 or so.

I always knew NaBloPoMo would be hard, but it's only now I've been updating 9 days and trying to get real updates on all those (one meme a week I consider acceptable, more should be supported with other stuff) that I realise that I just don't have that much to say.

Oh, and BTW, the recent surge in memes from me is not NaBloPoMo related, but OkCupid related. The memes are all coming from them, and when I'm finding ones of interest, I want to share the results.
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NaBloPoMo (http://nablopomo.ning.com/) is a relation of NaNoWriMo, but for those of us with less time, and or less dedication to a single subject. I will be joining in, and attempting to update this blog with an entry for every day of November. Also, unlike my normal secretive nature on this blog, this represents a change to open blog entries that I've been considering for a while (I keep thinking my story entries should be public if nothing else, as they are reposted on talismancy.com publicly). So this represents a permanent change, that I will start having public entries. Some stuff will continue to be posted on various friends filters or private (Yes, I use the private function of my blog), but I will be trying to make one public entry every day for November.

So, with a few days to go, I thought I'd sketch down some ideas for posting every day, and I'll start with the days I'm worst at. Over the last 6 months (since the start of May), I've updated
Sundays: 12 out of 26
Mondays: 11 out of 26
Tuesdays: 13 out of 26 (inc today)
Wednesdays: 7 out of 25
Thursdays: 10 out of 26
Fridays: 5 out of 26
Saturdays: 6 out of 26
Overall: 64 out of 181 (35% of the time, which supports my general attempt to post at least one day in three)

From this I can clearly see my worst days are Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays. Wednesdays are because of SWARM, I generally don't update before I go out, and will arrive back around the midnight point. I need to be updating for Wednesdays early rather than late. As for why less Fridays and Saturdays, I don't actually know.

The largest surprise was that Tuesdays are my strongest day, when I thought they'd be one of my weaker ones. I work 12-4, and then go to Dom's for the evening.

So, how do I go about tripling my blog output for a month? That's going to be hard, and I'll be blogging some much more random and mundane subjects. But I wondered about [at least starting] with a weekly structure to follow. Given my weeks are generally reasonably similar to each other, posting about the same subject on given days shouldn't be too hard should it?

So, somewhere to start:
Sunday (evening): Fiction - A fiction a week... I need to get back to writing fic, and start up a series again. probably Echoes, as it's in need of plot!
Monday: What I did at the weekend. Given I've got stuff on several weekends, this is a plan.
Tuesday (morning): Thoughts for the week to come or the week gone. Entries like this one.
Wednesday (morning): Stuff about Tuesday night gaming
Thursday: Either stuff about Wednesday gaming (MTG, board games), circus, or friendship developments
Friday (morning): Plans for the weekend
Saturday (morning): Programming, electronics, or web stuff.

Wish me luck at achieving this!


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