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This harks back to the days I used to post more MTG stuff. I've recently been getting back into the hobby (and it's costs), so there are blog posts that come from this.

This one is mainly to preserve a decklist, as I'm taking this deck apart, and wish to be able to reconstruct it later when I change my mind.

First, a story.

I started playing Magic early in 2003. I remember the Legions Pre-release from February, and due to my local group at the time, just about all play was Standard and a lot was tournament play. As a result, I started watching the professional tournament scene fairly heavily. A year after I started, Feb 2004, saw the printing of a card that was to distort that scene heavily, Acrbound Ravager. (Note, not the only card in Darksteel to distort the scene. It also saw the printing of Skullclamp!)

Worlds 2004 was dominated by the deck named after that card and it's friends in toe: Ravager Affinity. Tournament play was so heavily distorted by it that in March 2005, Wizards banned the Ravager itself, alongside Disciple of the Vault and all six of the artifact lands out of standard. (On my side notes, Skullclamp was not banned in the March 2005 bannings. Only because it had been banned in June 2004 already, shortly before the release of Fifth Dawn)

Back to worlds though. Alongside Goblins and Affinity there was one outsider deck that made it into the top 8, a deck that took a couple of neat uncommons and partnered them together in an inventive way. Designed primarily to beat Affinity with lots of artifact removal, it won by stopping Affinity from winning, and then swooping in with a horde of angels from Decree of Justice. It was such a good deck that it placed first in the tournament.

Wizards used to print gold bordered "copies" of interesting decks from each year's Worlds. Each card had a gold border, and a very different back. As they were not "real" cards, the decks were affordable where they might have a couple of hundred pounds of cards from normal sets. Late 2005, I picked a a gold bordered copy of Eternal Slide.

Over the next handful of years I played it occasionally. Never with much enthusiasm because it was a stupidly powerful deck but made of basically proxies. I felt somehow I was "cheating".

Having slowly collected a lot of the cards for the deck for other purposes, last year (I think!) I finally ordered the last £30 or so, and actually built a genuine copy of Eternal Slide. While I've maintained a lot of the same core for the deck, my version has had some significant modifications as well. It has to stand up to multiplayer, and it doesn't need the vastly concentrated artifact removal the original had, due to me not having to face Affinity itself. In fact, I generalised it from it's original formats, and removed the graveyard hate and protection from Red stuff too (goblins!). Finally, I'm not restricted to the Standard of the time as the original was, so have a few newer cards in there, where they fitted perfectly (Angelsong is my major one. Such a good fit for the deck)

However, it really is still rather too powerful for the casual environment which I play in. It's also a net deck with the stigma that goes with that. I didn't develop it, and have taken the powerful core straight into my own copy. With new cycling cards in Amonkhet, I'm dismantling my Eternal Slide to use some of the cards to build a new deck that cares about cycling, and re-use some of the more powerful cards in there that I just can't afford to replace.

Here is the decklist, along with the pile of cards that lived with it for not actually making the cut. I post this so I could potentially make this deck live again, should I ever wish to.

4 Astral Slide
4 Eternal Witness
4 Eternal Dragon
4 Wrath of God
4 Renewed Faith
4 Decree of Justice
4 Angelsong
3 Edge of Autumn
2 Akroma's Vengeance
2 Wing Shards

10 Plains
6 Forest
4 Secluded Steppe
4 Tranquil Thicket
1 Temple Garden

Cards that didn't make the cut:
Angel of Serenity
Akroma's Blessing
Sunfire Balm
Wipe Clean
Loaming Shaman
Plow Under* (*The only actual card I'd swap in against some decks. This was the sideboard, and I only own 3 copies!)
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Right, public access post time. This is an MTG post. If you don't play Magic, now is a good time to skip the cut. For those on my MTG filter, this is a repost of everything that has been there for the last week, slightly reformatted.

On the efficiency of mono-red burn spells in 2HG )

(Just for the record, that is just over 4750 words)
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So, now happy with the wacky formats I came up with last time (not to mention the most comments I've had on a single entry in some time), I've been continuing to read and think up new ideas. This led me to the Anthony Alongi archives on MTG.com, and the following in particular:


Any and/or all of these may be worth trying at some point.
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One possible schedule:

Sunday 4th: Invite anyone and everyone down to a pub for lunch and drinks. Suggestions welcome.

Tuesday 6th: Celebrate with the normal Tuesday group. Do normal Tuesday stuff but with CAKE!

Wednesday 7th: Depending on who is at SWARM over the hols, organise either silly board games or silly Magic.

Wednesday 14th or Friday 16th: Organise other SWARM based bit.

Sunday 18th Some later date (Deliberately picked after Term has restarted): Organise some sort of LARP.

EDIT - No, the weekend surrdounding the 17th is not a good plan, as I need to be available a few days either side for family business.

[livejournal.com profile] flannelcat makes a good point that Maelstrom isn't designed for linears and might be better suited to other stuff. I really have no idea, having never had to organise a LARP before. I might therefore just ask Dom really nicely if he can organise something "interesting" and see what he comes up with, with that as his only condition.

In other news, Brighton Warlords are organising a sanctioned Conflux pre-release on Sunday 1st Feb and I'm head judging it again. Good experience. Also, the MTG UK GP is in Brighton this year, so I may see if I can get level 1 judge certification there. Need more details first though. It's August so non-urgent (let me get the Pre-release and at least one wedding out the way first)
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I know, I know, I've been trying long and hard to keep MTG off my journal. For the most part I've succeeded (clocking up 4 updates since I changed journal names, one more contained no content), but I'm afraid I'm going to subject you to another around about now. This is a brain dump, for potential formats for games for SWARM for the new year:
To give the chance to skip for those who don't play Magic )

(This post is unfiltered so I can link non-LJers to it, sorry to everyone else who is normally filtered off my MTG updates)


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