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[livejournal.com profile] jagjinx is organising a brighton based pub meet for the Strommers on Saturday. It'll be down at the King and Queen pub, meeting from noon, and probably dispersing by about 5pm.

I realise this clashes with D+L's party, not my fault, sorry! I'll be down the pub most likely, meet a different crowd.

ION, [livejournal.com profile] ghostpaw is organising a pagga at wild park Sunday from 2pm. I will be there too.

EDIT - OK, so this failed as an advert for anything, as I got half the details wrong. Such is me.


Aug. 3rd, 2009 11:54 pm
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"Most of all, however frayed the edges of the wound, the patient does not need to be hemmed"


New Armour

Jul. 27th, 2009 03:04 pm
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A short while ago, I said that there was a "nice surprise for my f-list if I don't talk about it yet". Well this is it:

picture under cut )
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(Besides other things, I'll try using the British spelling of "practise" this time)

OK, alternate plan, as no-one is available before, which is anyone up for a weapons practise session next Friday, around lunch time? (That's the Friday of event, on site, co-ordinate by mobile)

As yesterday and this weekend weren't options, is anyone around at other times before the event for weapons practise? I'd rather have a little more time to sort out any new problems before I got on site, for instance if I need to pick up any new kit.

Echoes 14

May. 24th, 2009 10:00 pm
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(Yes, that said Echoes. Anyone who wants a reminder on the Echoes series should check out http://talismancer.livejournal.com/tag/echoes )

I remind people of the absolute non-canon and non-FOIP nature of echoes. While I have taken some concepts and ideas from the Maelstrom world, I am making others up to avoid FOIP issues. If you believe what you read here and take that information IC, you'll have an interesting and incorrect view of the world. This is a work of fiction, and is made up.

Now my headers are out the way, there's a short story.

"You really are a persistent person Hessi" Allaren said as he manifested in front of her, "and fairly resourceful based on the number of people you have here."
"We try -" started Hessi.
" - Ah! Now is not the tine to talk, now is the time to listen. I was going to try and let you work this out on your own, but others ..." He indicated upwards to the heavens, "... disagree. So I will explain what it is you wish to know. I will answer three questions from you now. I promise to answer each truthfully and to the best of my knowledge. Each must be about that amulet, or related to the subject. Once I've answered three, you will spend no more time today or tomorrow looking for eidolons, but will work on this yourself. Do you agree to this?"
"OK, I will answer the next three questions asked of me. Please do not dawdle."
Hessi paused for a moment collecting her thoughts. Then she asked, as clearly as she could, "Why do you fear this amulet?"
"That amulet holds many powers. I don't know them all, but whenever I see it it fills me with a deep and horrible feeling of death, decay and corruption. I fear that touching it or getting too near may do horrible things to me, my soul, or my connection with the Huntress. I am unwilling to find out the details by experimentation."
This was... unexpected to Hessi. Her previous next question about it's powers answered, she skipped to her original third question and started thinking about the last. "What do you know of the origin and history of this amulet?" She asked her friend.
"Absolutely nothing prior to the last few weeks. It first came to my attention in the hands of the League," He indicated the few Dragonless that had joined the supplication, "Who decided they wanted to destroy it. It was stolen in a raid, by a small mokosh whose body is now on the outskirts of the festival. He was killed by the Malathians. From them it passed by death again to your pride here. Death follows that amulet. Tracing it back from the League, they appear to have bought it from a myrmidon who was also killed, although not by the League so far as I can tell, but by it's hive. The hive were less than helpful when asked, and I can't find out where they got it."
"Wow, thank you for that tale." Hessi forgot for a second that she was in a supplication. Allaren nodded in appreciation of the thanks.
"What do you know of the abilities of this amulet?" Hessi phrased her last question to expand upon the first.
"That..." Allaren seemed to be struggling, "is a difficult question. I know it can cause fear, same as you do. I know it causes this sickening feeling in eidolons, and not just me. I know something is making appearing to you harder and harder, although what is not clear. Everything else I have on it is speculation, hearsay or rumour, and has no founding that I can see."
At this point, he cocked his head, listening. The others did likewise, but could hear nothing. After a few seconds, Allaren turned to Hessi.
"I've answered what I can," He said "but now I have other duties to attend to. Keep me informed won't you?" With that, Allaren vanished.
Hessi turned to the people gathered. "I wish to thank you all for your help in this matter. Any further help understanding what Allaren said would be welcome, in the tent, with food and drink."
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So, event good points and bad.

Lets start with the bad, as it's a shorter list:

Problems with OC camping location
My OC sleeping bags are made of fail. Will be buying one that fits and works.
My air bed now deflates fast rather than slow
My pump is broken
My tent has several holes in the bottom
And is generally feeling like it's not going to hold up to another event.
Having to take Rosie to First Aid.

And now the good:

The first aiders. As much for letting me thaw out as for helping Rosie. Equally Neil and Ruth for being there for Rosie too.
The Mayans are lovely. Thanks to Arctaos for continuing to make me feel welcome, as well as the other 'scions I met in Sulcofuron's tent.
Jag deserves mention for doing the right things for the right reasons several times, although I didn't understand why at the time.
The Wayward Scholars are still brilliant to RP with.
The Flembic lady I met in Maya on Sunday deserves mention for being lovely in general.
Jean De Winters
Kekoa sober. Less so drunk.
The Chamber of Delights for being... delighting. Never thought I'd go in there, will go back.
Tallards for the good conversation Sunday night.
The lady who attacked me and accepted the "It's after time out, and I'm on my way to bed" to stop and leave.
(In fact, the fight we did have was a good point on it's own, as I'm pleased to note that despite being jumped from behind I blocked every blow struck at me. Given that I was tired and it was 2am, I'm pleased with myself)
Detail Marshall. Both for the bad puns and being generally there for me when I needed it.
Rufus, for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to me in the wrong way.
Everyone I RPed with in some way.

So, overall the bad things are mainly OC stuff for/by me, and the good has been everyone else.
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From Mike here: Brighton Pub meet

A chance for those in and around brighton to meet for some chit chat and beer. Would be good to see as many of you there as possible as its always nice to put OC faces to those random people I have meet IC.

Saturday March 28th
Basketmakers Arms
Gloucester Road

1pm onwards

See you all there. Email me at ungrim97@hotmail.com, if you need directions or my Phone number

I'll be there, forwarding on
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Those who've either seen my LARP characters or have seen pictures might have noticed that most of them wear a reasonably large grey pocket on the belt (Can be seen under my right hand on this pic of Tac). It was originally made for Talis, and it's literally just a pocket. The problem is, it's not actually quite the right size for anything except junk collecting. It's not big enough for A4, and it's not small enough for me to be able to draw my derringer out of it. It quite literally just collects Tac's collection of "stuff" (including a deck of cards, some money, scraps of cloth and string, a pen and pencil, fire (cig lighter), and my derringer). It's also grey. On Talis' blue robes grey was a good colour, it blended in. With Tac's black trousers, less so.

So, I took it upon myself to make myself a "better" pouch. Still to hang off the right side of my belt (that's right from my point of view), it needs to be both big enough to store A4, and compartmentalised to hold smaller stuff better.

I've finished. It has a big pocket for paper, a pocket that opens to both the outside and inside for the derringer (when I use it on the costume anyway, which isn't constant), a larger and three smaller generic sections for whatever I want to tuck in them. It's taken me about a week of fiddling around with ideas, designs, prototypes, and then sewing up the wrong bits in the wrong orders, but I've done it, and I'm happy.

This should help Tac when carrying stuff. I'm fine until I need to sit down anyway.

Next up, a better way to store money than just throwing it in this new pouch...
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A repost from [livejournal.com profile] newvani:

We were having some fun with these Gaia avatars on 'Froth yesterday.
Go on. Make a sickeningly cute... little... guy... who looks nothing like your Maelstrom character. Baww.
Make here. Post them here!

Yeah, non-human bits are problematic. So is the lack of a brown cat mask. Besides that, it's only half bad.
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The Wayward Scholars are truly epic

In a weaverite kind of way.

Echoes 13

Nov. 2nd, 2008 12:02 pm
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"That appears to be the last of them mother"
"Good riddance to bad rubbish I think Marena. Not a single new piece of information, although the assorted bag of coin now has reasonable weight"
"What do you plan to do now about it?"
"I honestly don't know. I really need to speak to an eidolon, but they're avoiding me"
"Oh, that's why no-one in camp has seen one today. We thought we'd done something wrong"
"Sorry daughter, that's my fault. I appear to have managed to scare Allaren rather more than intended"
"What did you do to him?"
"I offered him the amulet"
"Right, I've made a decision. We're going to supplicate for an eidolon who can tell us why Allaren fears this amulet. Let the camp know we'll be holding a supplication within the hour. Send out message to any Huntress wemics who are out of camp, and send a request to both the Dragonless and the Church camps, as well as anyone else you think might help. If anyone finds an eidolon, they're to ask it what it knows"
"Yes mother"

:D New Echoes! Different writing style, but IMO it works.

Echoes 12

Sep. 1st, 2008 10:30 pm
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I remind people of the absolute non-canon and non-FOIP nature of echoes. While I have taken some concepts and ideas from the Maelstrom world, I am making others up to avoid FOIP issues. If you believe what you read here and take that information IC, you'll have an interesting and incorrect view of the world.

BTW, is it FOIP if I make something up that happens to be true and I don't know it yet?

Hessi had an odd feeling that there was something rather wrong. She'd been out and about at the festival for two hours now, and yet had not seen a single eidolon. She had prayed three times, at their own Huntress shrine, at the Church shrine, and at the Huntress shrine the League of the Dragonless had in their camp. Yet she still had not met an eidolon, and that's what she was mainly hunting for. Having been past the notice tree several times, she knew the Talismancer's public meeting was starting shortly, so she was headed there now.

The meeting, as with many of the public meetings set up by the Society for Free Knowledge was held in the large open area in their tent. The two sides away from the sun were open, so it was reasonably bright and airy, but out of direct sun. She approached someone who looked like they knew what they were doing, and established that the meeting was indeed about to start. She picked a free bench, and her ever present guard stood behind her, made up of Marena and two of Marena's males today. The meeting started, and news was spread. There were new discoveries, and new limitations found. Intended next paths for research were laid out, and teaching time was bartered over. Considering she seldom went to one of these meetings, she was surprised at just how organised they were, and how much information was handed out for free. The final part of the meeting was for other business, and she decided to raise her amulet there. She offered a reasonable payment to anyone who could identify any enchantments on the amulet besides the ability to be feared, and the instant she made the offer, she regretted it. She was quickly swarmed by all who thought they could make quick money identifying something simple.

After order was restored, she amended her offer. Any and all who would like to try could do so by offering a bet to her. Identify it, and she'd double their money, fail, and she'd keep it. She also told them that they were to come to her camp to do this, but not before she'd had time to return.

This went down better, and she returned to camp, with a group of Talismancers eagerly following her at a respectful distance. She wasn't sure how much was respect for her, and how much for Merena and her males, but either worked. This could be an interesting afternoon for Hessi.

If I prod the plot gently, I get gentle movements, and not much story. I realise that this story is more festival development than stand alone story, but I don't have a problem with that.

Echoes 11

Aug. 31st, 2008 12:59 pm
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What? A new Echoes? Yeah, well the days stories weren't writing themselves, and as you can tell, I've had a break from fiction writing. But I have to get this done, so lets start...

Hessi was trying to meditate. That is, she was sitting in the middle of her tent, eyes closed, listening to the world around her, and failing to meditate at all.
"You look troubled" a voice told her from directly in front of her.
"I am, Allaren" She added the name to emphasise she'd recognised the eidolon.
"What have you discovered?"
"It's a Mayan amulet, it was forged by two dragons, it's enchanted, possibly twice, possibly once by each dragon. One of the enchantments allows the wearer to be feared by all the in vicinity if they want to, and the other I don't know, assuming it exists. It came to the camp with the Malathians, who believe it is also cursed, and don't want it back after two of their men were killed, and they believe the amulet caused it."
"So, what have you *not* discovered yet?"
"I don't know if it was forged in the new world, I don't know if there's a second enchantment or a curse on it, I don't know the origin of the curse theory, I don't know why the Mayans aren't looking for it, and I don't know if it's valuable."
"That's a fairly long list, how are you going to answer those questions?"
"I'm considering taking it to a Free Islands wemic I know who's a Jewelry crafter, and may be able to determine some information on it's origins. I was also considering attending the Talismancer's public meeting, see if I can ask discrete questions or find someone I can ask in private, who won't alert the Mayans. But first, I am going to ask you what you can tell me about it?"
She stretched out one hand, and opened it in front of Allaren, revealing the snake wrapped around the sword.
"NO! I cannot and will not touch or inspect THAT!" Allaren jumped back as he said it. "Find someone else!" And he became misty and disappeared back to the Maelstrom.
Hessi returned to her meditation, feeling like she now had more questions that needed answering, not less.

Wow, even I didn't see that coming when I started writing it. I'm sure there's a good reason for what's happened, but you'll have to wait until you find out what it is.

Echoes 10

Jul. 24th, 2008 10:06 pm
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Ah, Echoes 10. When I started Echoes, I didn't think it would get this far, least of all have plot and everything! Broadly speaking, this story continues on more from Echoes 3 than Echoes 9, but it's the next morning, and the Tritoni have a new set of problems...

The following morning, shortly after dawn

"Excuse me sir", A human addressed the tired looking wemic at the tent door, "Is your Bajari awake and up yet?"
"She was still snoozing last time I checked, but I'll find out, hold on" The guard replied, and leant back into the tent door, "Deelan, is the Bajari up for an audience yet?"
There was a comment the man couldn't hear from inside the tent.
"One moment sir" The guard addressed him.
After only a few more seconds, a young female wemic appeared out from behind the guard.
"The Bajari is eating, so if it's just a social call you are welcome to come in and share breakfast with us." She addressed him
"It's a little more serious than social, but I'll accept the offer anyway and wait for the Bajari to finish before we start business if you like."
She shrugged and smiled at him. "Come in then"
They headed through the first tent and out into what could almost be called a courtyard. Numerous wemics were sat around chatting and eating, and one was cooking on the stove.
"Have a seat." She gestured at a bench and wandered up to a pile of plates as she talked. "I don't believe we were properly introduced. I'm Deelan, daughter of the Bajari"
"My name's George Hull, and I come from the Malathian colony" He replied to her.
"Bacon? Sausages? Tomato? Bread?" She fired off the breakfast options as she looked at what was cooking.
"Yes please, and thanks"
She returned with two plates of food and cutlery, and sat down next to him. "So Mr Hull, what brings you here so early in the morning?"
"I've come to understand you have a Mayan amulet in your possession." As he said this, a silence fell over the wemic eaters, who were suddenly all uneasy in some way, "Ah, I see I am right. I wish to talk to your Bajari about it's origins and purpose. For while it was in Malathian hands we discovered several things about it I think she'd be interested in, for the right price of course."
"And what would that price be sir?" Hessi appeared in a doorway to the courtyard
"Mother!" The call from Deelan was friendly and warm. "Have you finished your meal?"
Hessi drew up a chair and sat opposite the pair. "Yes, Deelan, thanks. Who's your friend?"
"I'm sorry. Mother, this is George Hull of Malathia. Mr Hull, this is Bajari Hessi, leader of the pride."

I think this is as good a point as any to stop this story for the time being, partly also as I've been at it about 40 minutes (with distractions). I'll continue this when I have time.

I hope no-one wanted a post maelstrom or normal reality update from me, because you're not getting one. However I will promise continuing Echoes stories.

Echoes 9

Jul. 8th, 2008 09:02 pm
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A modified version of Echoes* will be available for sale IC at the next Maelstrom event, or OC by finding and asking me. I therefore cut this if you don't want to know the conclusions and ending now, but would like to read a printed copy instead.

*Echoes 2 has been modified, and Echoes 3 completely removed. Echoes 2 and 3 will start to make sense from Echoes 10, which is planned to be follow up on the Malathian story started in 2 and 3. I've been planning to write it for some time, but haven't got around to it, what with the Rukhi fight.

The attack had gone well, all things considered. The Rukhi had been largely captured by the Alkonians. Those that refused to give up had been killed, either run down by someone or shot by Mill-en. Two of Hessi's wemics had been injured, but neither was fatal, and nothing that couldn't be stitched up.

After the fight Allaren came to Hessi again.

"Hessi, Bajari of the Tritoni, priestess of the Huntress. The Huntress has heard of what you have done today, and is impressed. You have been holding up the ideals of the huntress well. As a reward for your service, I offer you a gift. Give me your hand."

Hessi obediently held out her hand. Allaren reached for her knife, and placed it blade first into the palm, then squeezed Hessi's hand shut. She winced in pain, and Allaren released her. She opened her hand up, carefully removing the knife with the other, and looked at her palm. She watched in amazement as the skin knitted itself back together before her eyes. She wiped it at the fast healing scar with one finger to prove that she was seeing what she thought she was, then licked her finger. Real blood, and hers based on the pain. She turned to Allaren with a questioning look.

"May the Huntress continue to watch over you Bajari. Just be warned that your ability to heal like that will fade with time, and it will not replace things you have lost." Allaren crossed his hands over his chest, "Praise be to the Huntress!"

She copied him, "Praise be to the Huntress!" she called, as he faded into nothing.

Echoes 8

Jun. 23rd, 2008 12:34 pm
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a few hours later, after dark

"Is everyone in position?" Hessi asked Forya.
"I think so. We've got the Flambard and Alkyonian militias at the front, with the Tritoni supplying backup with those of Freeport and the few League members who wanted to help, then the Mill-en are covering both flank exits with muskets, either taking out those who would flee, or providing crossfire. I've not seen the church of the Huntress though" Forya replied.
"The church will come when they come, we shall not wait." Hessi told the Alkyonian.


Despite the number of camps involved, The strike force was not as large as Hessi had hoped. No nation could afford to dedicate it's entire fighting force to anything besides defence, unless their own camp were to be attacked while they were out. Yet the Millenese had outdone themselves, providing a full unit of twenty musketeers, each with a musket and numerous pistols. Hessi wasn't sure what the Alkyonians had done to get such a strong turn out from Mill-en, but wasn't going to complain. The aim here was to reveage the Rukhi camp and colony, whilst losing as few people as possible. Saving life was more important than killing today.


The strike forced advanced slowly. They'd seen the signals from the Millenese that they were in position, all that was required now was the command to strike, and it would all be over.
"How do you know," The voice nearly startled Hessi, but she kept her calm, "that this is the right path for you?" The speaker was Allaren, Eidolon of the Huntress.
"Allaren," Hessi addressed him formally, for she would not insult such a valuable friend, "This may or may not be the right path for me, but this is the path I have chosen, and it is the path of the Huntress"
"Explain to me why you believe this is the path of the Huntress, and if I agree, I will help" He replied.
"The Rukhi have attempted to get others to wipe out the Alkyonians, therefore the Huntress dictates that the Alkyonians can get others to attempt to wipe out the Rukh. Such is the Huntress"
"Not only do I agree with your assessment, I believe you believe it, Hessi. Therefore, I have answered your request for the church of the Huntress, and have brought along re-enforcements" He gestured for Hessi to look around.
As Hessi turned, she saw six Eidolons materialising. Each was armed and ready for war. They looked like they were itching for a fight, and Hessi wasn't about to argue this point.

I know, I know, my spelling of Alkyonian/Alkonian is inconsistent with the "y". Learn to live with it. It's not the only bad spelling in Echoes I suspect.
I'm also going to leave you all with another cliff hanger.

Echoes 7

Jun. 15th, 2008 09:36 pm
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Full version of Echoes 7, including the now proof read part 1.

As Hessi's daughters started to head out, there was a ripple through the camp that there were Avians at the door. Hessi paused to breathe, her brain trying to work out what could have happened so fast, but there was not time for this, and she headed out. She was fairly relieved to see most of the fighting force of the camp just inside the first tent when she strode out. She was instantly followed by Tauto and two daughters, all armed for her protection. There were a group of avians about 20 yards out from the camp, where they had clearly stopped at the point they were just inside the tree line and as a result were hard targets for bows.
"Bajari Hessi?" One called. "I am Forya of Alkyon. I come in peace and would like to talk to you in private, it is a matter of some urgency."
"Be welcome to enter the camp and I'll sit down with you..." Hessi started.
"No, I think a loan Avian entering a fully armed camp would not be wise." How about we both lay down arms and talk over by the other tree line where we will not be disturbed?"
"OK, a knife only then." Hessi replied, she turned to the tent door behind her "Get me two chairs now"
The chairs were quickly produced and set up by the tree line. Forya agreed to two wemics to keep guard from the open side, but at a good distance. Then they both disarmed but for a dagger and sat down.
"My Lady" Forya started, "I am honoured you would grant me this audience. I am here on behalf of the Alkyonian colony to offer you peace and an alliance. I wish to offer an alliance against the Rukh"
"I'm sorry, I don't understand why you'd want to ally with us against the Rukh?" Hessi fained some ignorance on everything with hope of gaining information. The Alkonian obliged.
"Please, do not take me for a fool Bajari, for I am not. I am aware of your killing of three avians earlier today, and I am aware of your concerns about the state of both our camp and the Rukh one. I am also aware of your general dislike of us, and the feeling is mutual.
"However, I am also aware of some facts you may not. Notably the fact that the two avian warriors were trying to bluff you. I believe they stated to you that they were Rukhi, making you wonder why the Rukh would send two warriors for a messenger, so you'd assume they were lying. They were not. They were attempting to frame us for their own actions. Their next course of action would have been to try and kill the messenger, making everyone else believe that we were out to get them, and siding a lot of the camps against our cause.
"Instead, you killed all three, declaring your hostility towards Rukh, and leaving them floundering for an answer. It is in this time, we wish to have your aid in attacking, and wiping them out."
Hessi was slightly stunned by this, but nodded in agreement.
"OK" She started, forming her thoughts, "Who else do we have with us?"

Still not really finished, I'm having problems writing. This story will definately have to continue in Echoes 8 at some point. For now it's a dramatic cliff hanger, as I'll probably change the way I'm tackling this scene anyway.

Echoes 6

May. 27th, 2008 01:15 pm
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Hessi sat down heavily and sighed. She was physically and mentally exhausted, despite doing little but shouting at Tana. Yet Tana deserved everything she got, and Hessi was not looking forward to having to deal with the Avians again. Although, she had yet to work out why the Alkonians had sent soldiers to come and get the Rukhi. That was almost as disturbing as everything else that had happened this day.
"Guard!" She shouted at the door. Marena, one of her younger daughters, stuck her head in. "Marena, do me a favour and gather up your sisters that are free, we need to send out messengers to the other camps."
Marena smiled and left, leaving Hessi to brood again. It did not take long for the females to start filtering in though. Once they had gathered, she addressed them all.
"My daughters, Tana has disgraced us as a pride. As you no doubt know she ordered the attack on the two Alkonians and the Rukhi a few hours ago, despite my orders. Both will no doubt send people searching. With luck we can blame some of this mess on others, but we should not rely on luck to guide us. I want each of you to take a few males and head out to our allies. Flambard, Mill-en and the church of the Huntress have stood by us and should be willing to help. The Church of the Smith has no love for the Alkonians so should help, and Kamakura was guarding it's borders against both Avian nations last time I checked. Maya has been in a state of disarray since Heraphed's death, so we can't expect any help there, although someone could try the League of the Dragonless, see where they stand on both situations.
"What we need to find out is what knowledge they have about any arguments between Alkon and Rukh, to see what those two warriors were doing, and which will stand with us should a fight break out.
"Finally, I will take Tauto and a few others and go speak to the Amun-Sa"
"Mother, are you mad?" Marena asked. "You know the Amun-Sa are a group of bird brained males!"
"Yes, but they are also have the best intelligence information besides ours. I will try, regardless
"Good luck my daughters, may the gods stand with us"

Oh dear, the Tritoni have got themselves into trouble, and I have to work out who their allies and enemies are. I'm deliberately trying not to play this world too much like the real Maelstrom to avoid FOIP about who is connected to who. I quite like the idea of a group of 'Scions whose connection is through their lack of a dragon, and AFAIK it's not something we have in Maelstrom.

This can only get more interesting. Especially as I'm going to have to start naming some more characters soon.

Echoes 5

May. 26th, 2008 10:32 pm
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"TANA!!" The call was virtually a scream from inside the tent. Tana jumped, and ran.
She knew what was coming, and knew the problems she'd have to face. She'd murdered three Avians inside the Tritoni tents, and the Bajari, her mother, had obviously just heard.
As Tana entered the Bajari's personal tent, she was expecting to be punished, but she hadn't worked out how yet, and she got a surprise. As she entered she was jumped by both Hessi, her mother, the Bajari, and Tauto, one of the big males of the camp. Tauto simply picked her up by her shoulders, a few inches off the ground, and Hessi took her sword and knife. The former she tucked behind her belt, the latter she held up and regarded as she backed to her seat and sat down.
Hessi could hear Tauto's breath in her right ear as he continued to hold her off the ground. She was still tense, and had no plans to give the big male the satisfaction of either a fight or subservience.
"Do you know what it is you've done my daughter?" Hessi's voice was as cold as ice, and Tana knew better then to answer back, so kept quiet, "Which part of your instructions did you not understand?! I told you to kill the messenger outside the camp and give someone else the blame, now we have blood on the ground and I'll be damned if either the Alkonians or Rukh are going to stand for what are perceived to be *my* actions.
"Yet you are my daughter, and I believe you can still learn from this. You are hereby confined to this camp until we leave. You are stripped of all rights, including the right to bear arms. You will work the rest of the festival in the kitchens, with one cup of water a day and no food until I have this matter sorted out. You will speak to no-one outside the pride, and if I find any food missing, you will be lashed for it."
As a final insult, Hessi looked at Tana's knife, and tossed it into a box of weapons with no regard for it's value.
"NO!" Called Tana as she saw her knife discarded so easily, and she started to struggle. Tauto picked her up, slung her over one shoulder, and walked out.

Additional: As I seem to not have explained the knives sufficiently, the knives are symbols of the females. each has a knife which is theirs and special to them. Used in addition to other weapons, they treasure their knives as tools, weapons and higher ranking females have more jewels and nicer knives. It's also the one thing they've never parted from, as a female needs to always be prepared with at least a knife for whatever may happen

Echoes 4

May. 24th, 2008 11:23 pm
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I continue to feel the urge to link to previous episodes. Instead this time I'll remind my readers that Echoes and Reflections are both tag linked.

Tana considered her options carefully. She called four males to her, and explained what they were going to do. She knew the messenger could not be allowed to return to the Rukhi camp, but she equally knew the Bajari could not be seen having anything to do with this. All five armed up, and headed out while the Avian was still in with the Bajari.
They spread out quickly. So long as they kept ahead of the messenger, he'd never get back to camp. They were in an area of quite heavy trees, so the group spread out between the Rukh camp and theirs.
Shortly after they'd sunk into the shadows of the wood, a problem appeared in the form of two heavily armed Avians. Tana couldn't tell from her position whether they were Alkonian, Rukh, or something else. They approached the Bajari's tent. Tana hissed to herself, and struck out from her position, making back to the tent, and indicating to the others to stay still with a gesture. They'd still be needed if things got sticky.
The two birds looked around as she approached.
"I am Tana, first daughter of Bajari Hessi of the Tritoni," She announced as she came to a halt, "How may I be of service to you?"
As the Avians turned to face her Tana was pleased to see both were females. No good sending males for this, whatever their business might be, males weren't up to talking to other nations or species.
"I am Tr-r-r-r-r-roltot" trilled one, "And this is Tor-r-r-r-r-rali, of the-" There was the shortest of pauses "of the Rukh. We're here to return our messenger to the Rukhi camp"
Tana didn't trust them, but two big Avians like these would be missed much sooner then the lowly male messenger. She made a quick snap decision, and invited them in.
As they waited, Tana became more and more worried about these Avians. There was something not right, and she didn't want to find it out. She excused herself, and got all the males together to execute an alternate plan.

Tana wondered afterwards just what had made her forget that the idea was to kill them all outside the camp and blame someone else, rather then killing them inside and having hell to pay.
She had no idea, but they now had hell to pay.


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