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Yesterday: Weapons practise. Several things have been learnt:

Despite my claiming the contrary, ghostpaw is probably right, and I should respect her for this.
Despite my claiming the contrary, I can actually fight.
I am more mobile without armour than with (dur!).
Full armour is hot.
My armour does not fit over light clothes. (Too loose)
It's amazing how much better LARP combat is when a brass marching band is playing epic in the background
I really should have warmed up and down.
I ache
My boots need repair (before someone claims "again", these are different boots)
...Yet I can still wear them happily.
Polearms still beat virtually everything else one-on-one.
That was fun.


Nov. 12th, 2008 11:26 pm
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OK, so I promised an update about Arena, and here it is:

Arena has really started to get kicked off, and it's getting really good fun. We're also not taking it all that seriously, which is good. There are bits of serious, bits of silly, bits of trading, and bits of OC natter and weapons practise. It's really going better than planned. I also think Merlin is quite appreciative of having another pair of hands, as at one point he called for a "Arena veteran", I got the hint, wandered behind a sign as one character, and wandered out the other side with a different way of holding myself as another, saying "You called?". I then proceeded to pagga the poor opponent into the ground.

Various things have been learnt by arena. That ability with LARP weapons is all relative, and that I need more practise against those who are better than me. Although, I am really starting to see the virtues of the run away tactic if I'm out manned and out gunned.

So last week's serious practise technique was fire/drop. This is one I've been rather afraid to do, but isn't too bad. It's firing a pistol then just throwing it on the floor to draw another weapon rather than trying to holster it. This is mainly for speed, as a discharged pistol is worthless in a LARP fight (in reality, it's a club, but that's another matter), and holstering takes time and concentration that I can often ill afford. I've tried this with my swords as well, but while it works, I don't think Tac would be prepared to drop even his secondary weapon in a fight, in case someone else walks off with it.

So good times!

In other news: Wayward Scholars this weekend, Brighton Below next! If these get updates, they deserve their own. The former probably after, the latter both before and after.
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I have long put off actually learning php. It's been a language that I've been thinking I should learn for many years, but just never got around to.

Well I've got around to it. Around my various Linux problems (See below), I'm actually learning a new programming language for the first time since I finished my degree. I'm also glad I have the degree level skills now, because if there's one thing I've realised, this would be a lot harder without them.

As it is, I have my reference book (damn any online tutorial, there's nothing compares with a real book), and have been happily coding away on the character creation for Arena (That's the system on which Saturday's post was based). It's not as simple as it at first seemed, for it was only simple until I started getting bugs. But applying an array of tests has slowly led me to my various typing, coding and spelling errors (having one variable as $sha1 and the conditional checking against $sh1 was a good one, especially in the font), and so I'm actually progressing. I've been at it for about 4 hours, and given that long again I should have the character creation suite working, providing the correct data is inputted, as there's virtually no boundary checking. It's on my list of things to do.

So, Linux.

In order to better be able to code in php easily, I decided it was time to dust off and install a copy of Ubuntu to my desktop. Being able to arbitrarily install and modify apache and php so they best mimic the live server without actually having to use said live server seemed like a good enough set of reasons to switch. Using my own computer rather than a server also means that if I do cause a serious crash, I have direct access to the reboot switch, which I don't on talismancy.com where I'm deploying this. I can also have the files open in a text editor and just click "save" to update the files, no need for FTP. That and I actually quite like Ubuntu.

However, nothing in my world goes as smooth as it really should, and it took me 4 installations to finally realise that the reason I only ever got one boot out an installation was the nVidia graphics drivers, which can't find PCI-Express cards. Stupid nVidia. Having realised this, I've now decided not to install said drivers, and have had about 3 reboots out this install so far. Including the whole of today.

So I'm currently dual booting XP and Ubuntu. I'm not prepared to give up Windows just yet. Ubuntu is currently being treated rather like a very complex development environment. It does basically do everything XP does for day to day stuff, but with the webserver working. Whereas XP has all my emails, and runs all my other software (like Photoshop, and games...)

Dual booting is working out, providing Ubuntu stays stable on my anyway.

(Pst. [livejournal.com profile] boggyb. I think this qualifies much more as a "decent length post")
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OK, so here starts NaBloPoMo. I apologise in advance if anyone finds daily updates from me a little heavy going. I'll try and mix my material.

Let me quickly state before anyone gets too excited, I'm going to ramble about the potential for online systems to be used in a dynamic LARP, in this case one that SWARM (the uni gaming group) is starting to run, to cover the lack of a proper DT (That's "downtime" for the uninitiated) system. This is not about Live Action Online Role-Play, which now I've written it seems like a perfectly good topic for discussion in itself.

OK, so SWARM is looking at and starting a new LARP. It's a combat heavy RP light system, but I think we'd all be reasonably happy if it had a half decent online system that could be used between sessions to keep up interest, and to add a little more depth to the world.

The original sketch idea Merlin presented me with was a gladiatorial arena, set in the Roman period (no pistols, phooey!). This was the extent of the sketch. Then [livejournal.com profile] flannelcat sent me a bit of a potential DT system, involving trader skills.

I've been looking at these ideas, and wondering what I could do to expend upon the pair into a viable system. I've come up with the following:

There are three types of character:
The trader: They are the masters in obtaining raw materials and goods.
The crafter: They turn raw goods into usable items.
The fighter: They have no skills except those that they apply themselves for in the fight.

Traders and crafters may also fight in the arena should they wish to.

So, the economy works such:
When someone fights, they win gold. This can be dependant on sponsers and other things.
Gold is traded outside the city for goods.
Goods are crafted into items and bonuses.
Items are then used in the arena.

Gold is also used for training in skills.

Traders are largely based on [livejournal.com profile] flannelcat email. They have skills relating to being able to get hold of goods and getting a good price for them. They may also apply their skills to making money on their own if they wish.

Crafters are my own creation. They have skills that say what they can turn into what, and for what price.

Fighters are those who don't do either of the above, just fight. They have skills which make their ability to fight in the arena better.

There will also be various skills which anyone can pick up, mostly fighting based.

The idea of splitting it like this, is that we shouldn't see too many pure fighters, for while they have the most powerful skills in the arena, they don't do other things. But we do see various traders and crafters who are also skilled fighters, who have come to the arena not only to fight, but to trade.

This would all be fine as a DT system, but I'm wondering if I can make it more than that. What if it could be played as a game either with or without the LARP? Obviously there would be advantages to LARPing with the system, but I'd like to get something that stands alone too, as well as offering those that can't come to a given session the chance to keep up with the action, if not keep up with the state of those actually fighting.

Right, more thoughts on this later/tomorrow.


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