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The problem with updating a blog daily is the need to come up with fresh topics every day, and then find enough time to sit down and write about them. The former is hard, the latter is just as much. For instance, I have an update sitting in my head, it's Echoes 14. But I know that each Echoes story takes me an hour or so to write, and I just haven't found the time to sit down for that long to write one this week.

This will likely not be aided by the planned trip to Oxford this weekend. Heading up to see the Wayward Scholars, socialise, and sort stuff out. It promises to be great fun. However, it *will* seriously hamper my ability to update over these next few days. I might try and make a post midnight update today for tomorrow, then I should be home in time to update Sunday, but there won't be much content to either, as time is against me. Especially as I still have to pack, as well as work today, and possibly going out this evening. At least I have a few hours after work before going out to pack in, as I don't have time to pack before I leave.

And that, folks, is the probably extent of todays update.
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OK, so I appreciate the Irony of posting to say I'm not posting. Live with it. But basically, todays two short posts will have to make up for the lack of a long and interesting one. I still promise both yesterday's posts though not today.

Today has been an interesting day. Got Prince Caspian (BBC, 1989) on DVD. Not sure it's the full version, will have to check. Worth watching the first half regardless just to see Reepicheep!! I'd forgotten how much I love that mouse!

Also picked up a second useful generic wooden box from the British Heart Foundation, this one was £2.50, the last was £1.75. I consider these good investments, for one can never have too many generic storage containers. It's also stopped me buying a new one online for about £15-50, so these are definitely worth it. Will keep popping into BHF in case there are more.

There, enough of a post for you? Better than "This is a post" at least.


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