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[livejournal.com profile] jagjinx is organising a brighton based pub meet for the Strommers on Saturday. It'll be down at the King and Queen pub, meeting from noon, and probably dispersing by about 5pm.

I realise this clashes with D+L's party, not my fault, sorry! I'll be down the pub most likely, meet a different crowd.

ION, [livejournal.com profile] ghostpaw is organising a pagga at wild park Sunday from 2pm. I will be there too.

EDIT - OK, so this failed as an advert for anything, as I got half the details wrong. Such is me.
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Those who've either seen my LARP characters or have seen pictures might have noticed that most of them wear a reasonably large grey pocket on the belt (Can be seen under my right hand on this pic of Tac). It was originally made for Talis, and it's literally just a pocket. The problem is, it's not actually quite the right size for anything except junk collecting. It's not big enough for A4, and it's not small enough for me to be able to draw my derringer out of it. It quite literally just collects Tac's collection of "stuff" (including a deck of cards, some money, scraps of cloth and string, a pen and pencil, fire (cig lighter), and my derringer). It's also grey. On Talis' blue robes grey was a good colour, it blended in. With Tac's black trousers, less so.

So, I took it upon myself to make myself a "better" pouch. Still to hang off the right side of my belt (that's right from my point of view), it needs to be both big enough to store A4, and compartmentalised to hold smaller stuff better.

I've finished. It has a big pocket for paper, a pocket that opens to both the outside and inside for the derringer (when I use it on the costume anyway, which isn't constant), a larger and three smaller generic sections for whatever I want to tuck in them. It's taken me about a week of fiddling around with ideas, designs, prototypes, and then sewing up the wrong bits in the wrong orders, but I've done it, and I'm happy.

This should help Tac when carrying stuff. I'm fine until I need to sit down anyway.

Next up, a better way to store money than just throwing it in this new pouch...


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