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Apparently I've updated once already today, yet I don't remember it. Update? where are you? Come here, update, I won't harm you....

Ah, yes, located in the early hour of this morning. That's not an update, it's a gremlin. it's not been watered though, so all's good.

Thus, I present a real update:

Welcome to the world below my friend. Down here you will find many a strange and fantastical thing, and many a cold and ruthless killer too. Do not think that because there are survivors that there are not dangers.

If you wish to survive down here, you will need to find several things to start with. Somewhere to live, something to eat, and some means of staying alive to the next floating market. What's a floating market?!? You really haven't been here long have you? The floating market is the market where groups who have something to trade an want something else get together in safety to trade and barter. It's one of the few times your safety is guaranteed, as no-one breaks market truce. It's called "floating" because the location changes on an irregular basis. Information about the location of the markets is passed down from the nobles.

So, a quick background on Brighton's Below. We exist independent of the world above. They ignore us for the most part, and we ignore them for the most part. Brighton Below is ruled by a series of factions. The four noble houses have the most power, but don't cross any other group either. In fact, not crossing anyone is a fairly good survival technique down here.

If you're down here, you probably have your own quirk of reality. It's to do with how you got here. Don't worry if you haven't worked out what it is or what use, you soon will.

The next market is on Saturday, and is being hosted by the Rotting Dean. If you survive that long, I suggest you attend.


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