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OK, plans are getting finalised.

Sunday 4th: On Sunday 4th, Everyone is invited to a pub* for a late lunch and/or booze. Everyone picks up their own bill. General socialising. 1-2pm start, for a few hours until people have stopped frothing.

*exact Pub yet to be determined, I'll let you all know. Also, suggestions are welcome, somewhere fairly central in the city would be good, especially as I will be drinking and not driving, so need to get home myself.

Tuesday 6th: Tuesday night party. This is a normal Tuesday night gaming session, except may involve many more sweets. Normal Tuesday night invites only (Side note, as the Uni hasn't started term at this point, this was already an off week. Date for the next WFRP week is still to be determined, and I still need to read the campaign book).

Wednesday 7th: Assuming enough people are around, I want to play Wacky Magic* at SWARM. Anyone who wishes to come is invited (Non-SWARMites should contact me first please). There will be more sweets again.

*Current plans for Wacky Magic:
Sliver Wars. Please make it known if you wish to partake. There may be more than one game. I'm playing (and will start on the Sliver side), Paul is playing anti-slivers. We will be playing by the Tribal wars banned list, the legacy banned list, and with no cards pre-Invasion and sixth. (Basically Extended before it's last rotation)

Emperor Constructed: I give fair warning that I'm half heartedly deck building for this one already. Unified deck construction applies.

Confused SWARMites (See the comments to Wacky Magic if you missed that one): I have those 15 cards in a pocket waiting to cause mass chaos.

Wednesday 14th: I want to try organising a large Settlers game at the start of term, or failing that play 6 player random Seafarers as we used to. That is now the extent of my board gaming party stuff. Repeat comment about lots of sweets (and knowing the Board gamers, they'll be Opal Fruits/Starburst). Open invite, although let me know in advance if you can/want to play. I want to start this one early so it finished by 4pm to invite the various RPers, so start time of 12 may be in order.

General information:
I will not be trying to feed anyone anything substantial at any point throughout my birthday, partly because I have a large invite list that could bankrupt me to feed (SWARM could do that on it's own). This equally means there will not be any sort of dedicated birthday cake, as it'll need to be variable sized for unknown numbers of people, as well as have to be transported. This doesn't bother me in the slightest, so I'm hoping no-one else worries. I will try and bring copious quantities of sweets to all parties though. Starburst, Jelly Beans, Jelly Babies, Toffees, Mint Imperials... that sort of thing.

I am *awful* at remembering everyone else's birthdays, and even worse at remembering and finding suitable presents. Therefore no-one is to feel obliged to provide presents. Much the same goes for cards, except I have a universal policy of not giving or expecting to receive either Christmas/Solstice or Birthday cards.

LARP plans have been dropped as too impractical.

Suggestions always welcome.
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One possible schedule:

Sunday 4th: Invite anyone and everyone down to a pub for lunch and drinks. Suggestions welcome.

Tuesday 6th: Celebrate with the normal Tuesday group. Do normal Tuesday stuff but with CAKE!

Wednesday 7th: Depending on who is at SWARM over the hols, organise either silly board games or silly Magic.

Wednesday 14th or Friday 16th: Organise other SWARM based bit.

Sunday 18th Some later date (Deliberately picked after Term has restarted): Organise some sort of LARP.

EDIT - No, the weekend surrdounding the 17th is not a good plan, as I need to be available a few days either side for family business.

[livejournal.com profile] flannelcat makes a good point that Maelstrom isn't designed for linears and might be better suited to other stuff. I really have no idea, having never had to organise a LARP before. I might therefore just ask Dom really nicely if he can organise something "interesting" and see what he comes up with, with that as his only condition.

In other news, Brighton Warlords are organising a sanctioned Conflux pre-release on Sunday 1st Feb and I'm head judging it again. Good experience. Also, the MTG UK GP is in Brighton this year, so I may see if I can get level 1 judge certification there. Need more details first though. It's August so non-urgent (let me get the Pre-release and at least one wedding out the way first)


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