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Birthdate:Jan 4
Hmm, how to fill in my bio? OK, how about I fill it in with the information I look for in other peoples? This won't be long...

My name is Ric. I am a thirty something geek living out of Portslade (near Brighton and Hove, if you don't know). I'm a board gamer and a LARPer primarily, although I have proved on more than a few occasions that I am quite capable of playing all sorts of games, including Warhammer and Magic. but my first choice of games will be board games.

For many years, gaming was the first love of my life, and then I met draiton. He and I have been engaged since November 2011, and our relationship is strong.

Other names:
1777.1: Talis, Order of the Illuminated Eye
1777.2: Tac of the Wayward Scholars
1777.3: Imori, kitchen staff for the Wayward Scholars
1777.4: Allaren, Eidolon of the Huntress
1777.5: Senyn of the Tribe of the Last Feather
1777.6: Corporal Richard Jones, Gerosos
1777.1: Rauul i Jannat i Requiza, Family Jannat, Brass Coast, former senator.
Brighton Below: Crew when it runs.
Enclave: WAS: GOD ref, occasional lethal monster.
Apparently I owned and ran Terra 9.
LJ: Formally ricold, account now abandoned for archive reference only

My journal used to be locked to friends only, except the first introductory post. That post is still required reading for friendship to my journal, although I am now posting some posts on a public filter. My private life will continue to be my own though, and those posts will continue to be friends locked or filtered.

Fiction/story and photographic entries (where written/taken by me) to this journal are copyright, but may be reproduced without permission providing you credit me as the author, and you tell me in advance. Picture entries (where produced by me) are copyright and may be reproduced by asking first. All other entries to this journal are private information (as well as generally copyright), and no part should be reproduced without my express permission. There will be secrets and other information which I do not want shared.
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