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Echoes 14

(Yes, that said Echoes. Anyone who wants a reminder on the Echoes series should check out http://talismancer.livejournal.com/tag/echoes )

I remind people of the absolute non-canon and non-FOIP nature of echoes. While I have taken some concepts and ideas from the Maelstrom world, I am making others up to avoid FOIP issues. If you believe what you read here and take that information IC, you'll have an interesting and incorrect view of the world. This is a work of fiction, and is made up.

Now my headers are out the way, there's a short story.

"You really are a persistent person Hessi" Allaren said as he manifested in front of her, "and fairly resourceful based on the number of people you have here."
"We try -" started Hessi.
" - Ah! Now is not the tine to talk, now is the time to listen. I was going to try and let you work this out on your own, but others ..." He indicated upwards to the heavens, "... disagree. So I will explain what it is you wish to know. I will answer three questions from you now. I promise to answer each truthfully and to the best of my knowledge. Each must be about that amulet, or related to the subject. Once I've answered three, you will spend no more time today or tomorrow looking for eidolons, but will work on this yourself. Do you agree to this?"
"OK, I will answer the next three questions asked of me. Please do not dawdle."
Hessi paused for a moment collecting her thoughts. Then she asked, as clearly as she could, "Why do you fear this amulet?"
"That amulet holds many powers. I don't know them all, but whenever I see it it fills me with a deep and horrible feeling of death, decay and corruption. I fear that touching it or getting too near may do horrible things to me, my soul, or my connection with the Huntress. I am unwilling to find out the details by experimentation."
This was... unexpected to Hessi. Her previous next question about it's powers answered, she skipped to her original third question and started thinking about the last. "What do you know of the origin and history of this amulet?" She asked her friend.
"Absolutely nothing prior to the last few weeks. It first came to my attention in the hands of the League," He indicated the few Dragonless that had joined the supplication, "Who decided they wanted to destroy it. It was stolen in a raid, by a small mokosh whose body is now on the outskirts of the festival. He was killed by the Malathians. From them it passed by death again to your pride here. Death follows that amulet. Tracing it back from the League, they appear to have bought it from a myrmidon who was also killed, although not by the League so far as I can tell, but by it's hive. The hive were less than helpful when asked, and I can't find out where they got it."
"Wow, thank you for that tale." Hessi forgot for a second that she was in a supplication. Allaren nodded in appreciation of the thanks.
"What do you know of the abilities of this amulet?" Hessi phrased her last question to expand upon the first.
"That..." Allaren seemed to be struggling, "is a difficult question. I know it can cause fear, same as you do. I know it causes this sickening feeling in eidolons, and not just me. I know something is making appearing to you harder and harder, although what is not clear. Everything else I have on it is speculation, hearsay or rumour, and has no founding that I can see."
At this point, he cocked his head, listening. The others did likewise, but could hear nothing. After a few seconds, Allaren turned to Hessi.
"I've answered what I can," He said "but now I have other duties to attend to. Keep me informed won't you?" With that, Allaren vanished.
Hessi turned to the people gathered. "I wish to thank you all for your help in this matter. Any further help understanding what Allaren said would be welcome, in the tent, with food and drink."