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For those that have been in our house, we use touch sensitive light switches across most of the house, and along with the track lighting in the bed rooms, this limits out options for energy saving light bulbs. With a track and a touch switch, I can't use compact fluorescent bulbs for instance. Whilst discussing this with my father last night, I was told that it took him 6 months to get hold of his last purchase of incandescent bulbs. With this in mind, I took but a single bulb from him when I finally blew the last one in my room, and went out shopping today for other options. Homebase yielded a single bulb at £2, which is energy saving and dimmable, but looks otherwise like it might work. I will admit to not having tried it as I type. Focus, however, still sells boxes of 3 old fashioned incandescent light bulbs for a pound. Exactly what I've been buying (and blowing) for years. So I bought 2 boxes, and now am back up to a full set of 3 bulbs in here. (Also why I've not tried the Homebase one)

I must say, I do wonder where my father went looking to take 6 months to find what I found in a little over 30 minutes.

I must not say "I told you so" to him later, it would be rude.

But I'm happy. I think there may be a shopping trip to stock up at some point. Especially as I blow bulbs at about one every two months. So these 6 will only last me a year at that rate. I probably want two or three years supply, especially at £2 a year.
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