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Today I started to appreciate just how isolated I am, in my own little world. Yet it is a world of wonder, of marvels, and if I can live here and now, what else might there be, right outside my door?

I'm a gamer. Most of you will know this, I have given up pretending otherwise. I'm a gentleman who enjoys games. There are many and varied types of games, from the MMORPG (Guild Wars), to the board games (Settlers of Catan), to the LARPs (Brighton Below, Maelstrom), to the console games (F-Zero GX on the Gamecube), to others I suspect even I'm not currently thinking of. Gaming covers a wide variety of things that are acceptable and normal, as well as a few that are less so. Yet while each part of who I am is accessible at some level, the whole requires a degree of dedication, not to mention money. Nothing on that above list is free, and when taken as a whole, gaming is expensive (From MMO game fees, to M:tG cards, to LARP costumes). Yet it is also something that can be a complete way of life, and one that I fill my free time with. I immensely enjoy gaming too, it's fun, and that's the point.

My world collides and passes through others, as everyone's does. I do do other things, I'm a juggler for one thing (although not any good at it), and through circus meetings get to know a variety of people who live in different worlds to me.

I was speaking to one such friend today. I've known for a fair while now that her world and mine are different places, but I didn't until today realise how drastically different they were. A while back I showed her my gaming world, and she looked in with interest and confusion. Yet she looked, and I admire that. Today, she gave me a glimpse into her world, and initially I wondered what I might see, so I glimpsed.

I have to wonder whether her look into my world was as scary and unsettling at the start as my glimpse into hers has been. For what I glimpsed both intrigued and scared me. This was not scared to find out more, but scared of getting involved in things I didn't even know I knew nothing about yesterday. I don't know if I want to know more, but I think I will take any opportunity I get to find out, for I can only learn from this. I will be a wiser man if I learn than if I bolt, and yet I am scared of where this can go. To be scared of the unknown is normal, and I can appreciate that, but it doesn't make me any less scared*.

This oh so short glimpse into a world that was not my own was a wonderful and inspiring exercise. It's shown me that there are worlds right outside my doorstep that are alien to me and mine, and this, whilst scary, has piqued my interest and explorers spirit.

I am also happy to report that I think this is the first time something like this has left me wanting to know more, rather than bolt. I consider this a good thing.

* I nearly wrote "But this doesn't make it any less scary" here, then realised there's a difference between something that is scary, and something which makes me scared. I can face up to this world and see that there is nothing there that is actually scary, and yet still be afraid to find out, and be scared. I think this distinction may be entirely in my head (if so, please leave it there, it's happy, and I'm feeding it well), hence I should probably clarify that I saw a difference.

ION, Brighton Below was great!

Also ION, Look, a real update!
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