Jul. 20th, 2017

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Over the last year or so, I've been seen making this quote: "I feel that my board games collection is complete, There is nothing current that I want to add to it". This statement is both true from a certain point of view, and inaccurate in so many different ways.

Worse, I seem to frequently forget that there are new games coming out all the time, and thus have made the far worse and complete bollocks statement and miss the rider off the end.

The key part of this is definitely the rider on the end, and it is that "current" which makes the whole thing mis-leading. There are actually quite a few games that are not currently available that I've been keeping a close eye on. There is a Master of Orion game that's out in Russian, but not yet in English, I'll be buying it in a heart beat when it does. There are more than a few things Looney Labs could release that I'd pick up the moment I can get my hands on them. Including (But probably not limited to) the new Zendo game they're working on in a not very secret manner.

There are other things I can and will spend money on very quickly. Notably expansions for games already in my collection. My definition of "complete" apparently is a list of all the base games. I bought a couple of older Escape the Curse of the Temple expansions when they were going cheap recently. I've just had the new Star Realms expansion pack advertised to me, and have pledged to Kickstarter. I'll work out later if I can actually afford it right now, or if I should either give it a miss or make one of the other Star Realms players pick it up.

There are a couple of other things that will make me spend money on this hobby. A while back I borrowed Splendor, and despite wanting to like it, didn't. So when I was shown another game that scratched the same itch that I really did LOVE, I instantly went in search of a copy. What I didn't realise at the time was that it was so new that it hadn't really entered UK distribution. I might have mistaken it's rarity for something else, rather than that shops just hadn't got their copies yet. The game, BTW, is called Century: Spice Road. There are also a few games that I'd buy if I stopped seeing the friend who has a copy. Puerto Rico is a good example. I consider it a strong staple of the hobby, and even though I don't want to play it that often, like Catan, I consider it an important game to be able to play. While I have access to a copy, I won't buy one. But should I lose access, I'd consider it. There are actually quite a lot of games in this category including (but no way limited to) Machi Koro, Hey that's my Fish, Roll for the Galaxy, Red Dragon Inn, Caverna, Cash 'n' Guns, Hero Realms, Flash Point, and Zombie Dice.

This was originally going to just be a Facebook update, but I quite quickly realised it was a blog entry, so it ended up here instead. Much better place.


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