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2009-07-16 10:23 am
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Weapons Practise?

(Besides other things, I'll try using the British spelling of "practise" this time)

OK, alternate plan, as no-one is available before, which is anyone up for a weapons practise session next Friday, around lunch time? (That's the Friday of event, on site, co-ordinate by mobile)

As yesterday and this weekend weren't options, is anyone around at other times before the event for weapons practise? I'd rather have a little more time to sort out any new problems before I got on site, for instance if I need to pick up any new kit.
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2009-07-16 09:26 pm

Updates, lack of there in

FYI, there is a good reason I've been a little lax in updating recently. In part my life has been pretty boring, but more importantly, there's something going on that'll be a nice surprise for my f-list if I don't talk about it yet. I promise I'll update after Maelstrom though (10 days or so now)